What Can It Be Used For?

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The vision for Family Time is that it encourages families to spend time with each other and God.  To have fun together, read the Bible, talk about things, pray and learn.  However, in addition to this we would like the book to be available free to any family that wants one. At a time when families are under financial as well as time pressure it would be a great message and ministry if churches and Christian organisations were able to make available to families one of these books for free. 

So while we have free copies that families can pick up or order from us, we would also like others to consider buying copies that they make available to families that they know or work with.

The book could be used for:

-Giving to families attending church or with children at church-based organisations.

-Reconnecting with families that may have had children baptised at church.

-Giving to the parents of children that attend your organisation or programme.

-Outreach to local communities and schools.

-Giving to Parents and Toddlers groups in your church as a gift

-Mission and back to church initiatives (perhaps with an accompanying invite/bookmark that advertises your church/ministry).

-Making it available for families to pick up in foyers and reception areas.

-Adding to Sunday School prize giving.

-Giving to your extended family or neighbours


 If your church or organisation wishes to purchase copies to be able to give away free then they can be ordered for the price of only £1 or 1 euro.

For more information please contact Andrew Brannigan on  (+44) 28 9082 8855 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.