The devotions

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The major part of Family Time involves the idea of doing weekly or devotions with children –they doesn’t have to be every week but a weekly routine suits many families.  By ‘devotions’ we simply mean a gathering for prayer and to look at the Bible.


Family Time contains 99 family devotions.  They are designed to be able to be completed in around 10 minutes and are split into 4 sections:

1.  Devotions for daily living –For example on appearance, worry, giving, arguing and so on.
2.  Introductory devotions on Christianity such as creation, sin, following Jesus and so on.
3.  Devotions for significant occasions –such as a birthday but also occasions such as Christmas.
4.  Devotions for learning the Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments and Apostles’ Creed.

Each devotion follows the same format of a Bible reading followed by:


Where you can play a simple game or activity related to the devotion.


Where a short talk can be read out (and where some questions might be asked!).  This part also has the option of memorizing verses –see ‘Memorizing verses’ (hyper linked)


Where a prayer on the devotion can be read out.