Family Time has been written into a context of busyness and is intended to encourage families to start looking at life lessons and faith together.  It is designed to be as simple as possible and so almost any adult will be able to do use it –wherever you are on your faith journey.

There are some core areas to the book in prayer, regular devotions and memorising Bible verses (easier than you might think!) that you can look at from this page.  In the meantime some pointers in how to use it include:

  1. Finding the right time and place.  The prayers can be used on a daily basis or every few days while the devotions will probably work best on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  For devotions, sitting round a table works well for some families. 
  2. Preparation.  Most activities only need a few minutes thought but you will need to read over the devotions (and practice some activities!) for a few minutes before you do them.
  3. Improvising.  The activities, discussion, talks and so on will all need to be improvised from time to time to suit your circumstances so don’t be afraid to do this.
  4. Regularity.  Try and do them at the same time and place as much as possible to help build up a routine.  For instance by saying a prayer at family meals or just before bed.  Or by doing the devotions every Friday evening or on Sundays after dinner.  Find a good routine that will not be easily broken.
  5. Get a Bible.  It is possible to do the devotions without a Bible as the key verses are printed but to get the best use out of it you will need a Bible.  This is especially useful if the children are old enough to read the verses for themselves.  Also it is worth buying a child or family friendly Bible (not Bible stories). 
  6. Have fun!  Use the activities especially to have some fun, give out some treats and so on.  There is a serious side to this learning but the children should also enjoy it.

The devotions

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The devotions

The major part of Family Time involves the idea of doing weekly or devotions with children –they doesn’t have to be every week but a weekly routine suits many families.  By