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The ‘Family Time’ Resource is designed to encourage you to get started in prayer and devotional time with your family.  However there are many other resources available to you to help progress this –or simply as an alternative to this resource.

A sample and synopsis of some of the books we would recommend is available below.  To order copies of these books the easiest way would be to go though the Good Book Shop or www.Amazon.co.uk



‘Table Talk’ series

By The Good Book Company: Click for more 


An on-going series of short family devotions designed for using with 4-12 year olds.  Each issue contains around 60 devotions that will approach various books in the Bible over several days.  An excellent resource for families that want to take a more daily approach to their devotions.


‘XTB’ series

By The Good Book Company Click for more


This series of devotions uses the same Bible passages as ‘Table Talk’ but is designed for older children and teenagers to be able to be used by themselves.  It is a very good resource to encourage your children to start doing their own devotions.

‘God and me’

By Penny Boshoff

365 devotions for little ones.  Each day has a paragraph on a theme, a prayer and Bible verse.  Suitable for pre-schoolers and the first year or so of Primary school.

‘Faith Begins at Home Devotions’

By Mark Holmen

A small book presenting a case for why devotions in families are so important, together with some ideas on how to get started.  Contains six family devotions.

‘The One Year Fun and Active Devotions for Kids’

By Betsy Elliot

A full year’s worth of one page devotions based on a series of questions followed by a daily verse, short talk and activity.

Supporting Books for Parents and Grandparents

‘Parenting Children –making the most of the years’

By Mark and Lindsay Melluish

A great book, written from a UK context, on how to raise children in a Christian family context.  It contains guidance on how to organise family life according to Christian values and how to help children develop their own Christian practice and belief.  Contains lots of practical examples.


‘Family Driven Faith’

By Voddie Baucham Jnr

A very direct and persuasive book full of encouragement and Biblical reasoning on why and how to raise children for God.  Also contains a discipleship aid complete with a study guide that could be used in small groups.


‘If I Could Ask God Anything’

By Kathryn Slattery

A book designed to provide answers suitable for children on some of the common questions they might ask about faith.  Contains almost 200 questions and answers.