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While the ‘Family Time’ book is designed so that it can be used as a stand-alone resource for families it would be very helpful if it could be introduced to families at church –not only to help explain better how to do the devotions but also to encourage families and strengthen the relationship between faith at home and faith at church.  A ‘Family Faith Sunday’ for your church could involve a special invite for families in the parish and a reconnection with those that may not have attended for a while.  It is aimed at families with children under 11 years but will be appropriate for people of all ages.    
On this page you will find links to several resources that may be of help to you in considering and organising a Family Faith Sunday, including:
Read this document about running your own 'Family Faith Sunday'
Powerpoint slides for your Service
Some blank invites to give out for a Family Faith Sunday
Sample labels that can be inserted onto the Family Time book as a gift from your church
Simply click the links and they will download to your 'downloads folder' or right click and then select 'save link as' to save to a destination of your choosing on your computer. 
All links are in the older MS Word or PPT 97-2003 format. Should you require other versions, please contact us using the contact link.